" [Teresa] ... is pleasant and very welcoming" " This class is what I had dreamt for my child, I love the instrument playing and singing as much as my daughter"


S.Z. - mom of a 15mo

Teresa is a musically gifted teacher whose passion for music and care for children shines through. We love her class and look forward to continuing to learn further!


mom of a 5mo & 3,5

She engages all the children and has a lot of positive energy!

mom of 1yo

" [Teresa]... makes learning music fun. Very kind and loving person!"

mom of a 17mo

"I look forward to coming to class every week. My son asks me to play the music ALL the time! in the car, at home ..."

T.I - mom of a 3 1/2yo.

"this class is great! I love the 'jam sessions' at the end of the class and all the musical activities we do!"


E.M. mom of a 2yo

" Thank you for bringing music into our homes Teresa! we can't wait to listen to the new song collection"

K.S. - mom of a 20mo

It was exciting to see my child grow and learn each song and the different instruments

about MT classes Winter'07

[this past Music Together® semester ]was a great experience, the best one!

mom of a 3,5 yo and 18 mo

As a whole, Music Together has been a rich experience for my daughter and I. We shared the songs at home and in the car.

mom of a 15mo

I loved the positive energy in class and outside of the class. I can sing the songs to my baby and I always get a smile and a dance.

mom of a 12mo

We enjoyed the classroom experience and the continued enjoyment at home with the CD. Lots of singing & dancing. [Teresa] is very fun and kind. She made a lot out of each child.

mom of a 18 mo

A very overall positive experience. I could see a definite increase in participation level of my son, who has previously been shy and timid around other children. It has been a wonderful experience for both of us to share together! He loves it when I sing the songs to him from class.

mom of a 1 yo

We love [Teresa] because is very talented and loves the kids

mom of a 1yo

Maddie and I are excited to get back into Music Together.  She's quite the musical being- we still play the songs around the house and in the car.  She's always tapping and swaying her hips to the beat- she even drums on the couch and tries to play with instruments in her playroom.  I think Maddie really took to the classes!